Customer Support Services


Customer Support Service

Quinin technologies takes pride in providing quality and cost efficient customer support services to our clients in USA. If your business involves actively communicating with your valuable clients, hiring a customer support company is all you need. We understand that your clients can be from different time-zones we provide a team of experts that keep your customer support running 24/7 across the globe. We don’t provide any chance to complain to our valuable clients but we are always open to suggestions. Also don’t hesitate while asking for discounts or additional service because we are open to negotiations and understand what’s important for you, we actually do!

Email Support Service

Email support is also very effective depending on your target market. Especially in the case of B2B marketing and client satisfaction it plays a very vital role.

Call Support Service

We offer fluent English speaking team of professionals that specialize in understanding the needs of a business and then communicating it effectively to the clients that are main prospects of a business. We take pride in our staff that have always offered maximum customer satisfaction and help improve our client’s image in front of their customers.

Chat Support Service

Sometimes things are better cleared through text chat than voice call and some clients prefer resolving it through chats. We offer real time chat services for your clients to make their connection with you as strong as it can be.

Inbound Sales

Your client needs to know all the right answers about the question he has in mind. Our team absorbs a deep understanding of your business and then delivers it in a compelling way to convert every engagement into a delightful customer experience. Partnering with Quinin Technologies for your call center needs comes with a lot of perks and benefits because you need not worry about prices. We offer flexible prices to incorporate clients of all sizes from Fortune 500 companies to business start-ups.